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KANO Podiatric Chair
















  • 3 Motor

  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

  • 360° rotatory base 

  • Available in 14 colors

Soldered Layering Technology TM

KANO Labs creates total contact correcrtive orthotics and makes use of Soldered Layering Technology (SLT)TM  at the millimeter level to produce corrective devices of the highest quality and allow variable flex construction with customizable longitudinal and torsional rigidity.

Direct Forming

KANOprint direct forming stations allow forming and orthotic device directly to the patients foot in corrected or sub talar neutral positioning.  This technology not only allows a patient feel what their device will feel like prior to forming it but also allows them to come in and leave with their device the same day and avoid the weeks of delay from traditional lab service without sacrificing quality.